Healing with Venusian Astrology

Healing with Venusian Astrology

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Healing with Venusian Astrology

How can you heal using Astrology? Many wonderful practitioners have advocated for the link between health and emotion. Psychologists' files are full of people who feel much healthier after they have understood their own actions and feelings. Nowhere are your traits and behaviours more acutely present than in your Natal and transiting astrology charts. Astrology has not been considered a medium for healing. There have been very good reasons for this. Astrology is an ancient practice and one with a colourful history full of colourful Astrologers. It is true that Astrology is an essential ingredient of occult practices, and Astrology has very often been misused and feared. But things have changed dramatically for Astrologers for many years now and the level of care and dedication is evident. In England many years ago the Faculty of Astrological Psychologists was established and is a well respected organisation today, based on Jungian psychology. Carl Jung, whose psychological findings can still be found today in our businesses and in mainstream psychology was himself an Astrologer. Why Venusian Astrology? After studying and practicing Astrology initially after about five years it appeared to me that there were some safeguards needed in this sacred practice. Something that would mean that this gift could be directed into something that could help many to focus on the true gifts of Astrology - compassion and understanding of self and others. Although Astrology has been used for power broking over the millenia, as every Religion has, in essence it is an extremely powerful tool for all of us to attain our highest good and fullest life. But in order to use Astrology in such a way I 'framed' it within the Venusian context of the Value of each and every one of us. Within this paradigm I wrote 'Venusian Astrology', now in its second edition many years later. Sometimes it is not so easy to receive 'healings' that are little understood. For those who need logic, maths and science Astrology is often the catalyst to balancing the material and the formless universe for us.  

What can I expect from a healing session using Venusian Astrology?

Venusian Astrology Healing Sessions can take place over the phone or in person.

You may already have an area of your life that is not going as well as you would like. This can be anything that is upsetting your balance. We can work on the healing aspect using this/these events (usually activated by transits and progressions), or perhaps you don't know what's happening in your life right now, while confusion takes over. Or perhaps you are just drawn to Venusian Astrology, having had some experience with Astrology in the past.

Do I need my chart drawn first?

We have to have a chart to work with in order to successfully use Venusian Astrology to heal. However, if you do not know the time of your birth then we can still do a lot of healing using an ephemeris based on your date of birth.  

If you do not know your time of birth you may be asked to introduce yourself in person prior to the appointment. This can be a simple skype face to face, or phone facetime. The reason for this is that your looks are also confirmed in your chart and some tweaking of the chart will be useful to get the most out of the session..

Healing with Venusian Astrology

Astrology in many circles has not had the respect it deserves. There are many reasons for this, but all come down to two reasons – Love and Fear. To locate the reason using Astrological discourse itself, Astrology is under the dominion of Uranus, which is an outer planet, in astrological terms. What this means is that it is difficult to personalise, or comprehend within our body/mind/soul/spirit paradigm we commonly feel comfortable with. Therefore, people have turned to Astrology for prophesy and entertainment mostly. However, a lot of people find when they begin to investigate Astrology it is a powerful healer. The Faculty of Astrological Psychologists has operated successfully in London and Europe for many years now. Based on Jungian Psychology qualified psychologists use Astrology to support the healing of their clients.

Jungian psychology (from Carl Jung, who was himself a Psychologist and Astrologer) uses myth to enable clients to understand the energies at play within their lives, when they act out certain scenes. Claude Levi Strauss, father of Structuralism, revealed that every nation on our planet has basically the same myths told in their own fashion. The human condition is revealed through the mythical. Carolyn Myss, intuitive healer with a formidable pedigree working with the mainstream medical establishment also uses myth and intuitive knowing to assist with healing those the medical establishment have not been able to help without the elucidation that her services bring about.   It doesn’t matter what country you come from Astrology will have its mythical correlations in every one of them. But as wonderful and prolific as the healing is within this sphere it has still not commonly been accepted as a healing modality for most of us. Until now. With the help of Venus.

All Charts are cast mathematically. And therefore represent a very structured set of information about you. None of us likes to look at ourselves honestly. It can cause us pain. And historically Astrology has been used to manipulate and limit the value of humanity rather than support our creative evolution. We are afraid to know what we are doing to ourselves and to others by not loving (valuing) ourselves. Most times we don’t even know how to love ourselves enough to prevent harming ourselves and others. Most pain begins with not valuing yourself. And this is where Venus comes in. Venusian Astrology is Astrology brought into the cognitive environment we are humanly capable of understanding, because it speaks to us through our desire nature. Desire is fundamental to survival. If you are hungry you desire food. If you are cold you desire warmth, etc. If only our desires were so simple. But human desires are borne from human values.  Value is Venusian, Astrologically speaking. Millions of people today eat food that actually destroys their body rather than nourishing it. And millions follow orders that harm self and others, rather than feeling empowered enough to evolve the structures through healing and creating. This is all fear based. So what’s going on and how can Venusian Astrology be healing, valuable, and loving? Can Venusian Astrology expose fear for what it is? Can we heal where we currently harm ourselves and others using Venusian Astrology? Yes.

Astrology has been blamed for ‘pigeon holing’ humans into twelve types. But this is not what Astrology is. And it is certainly not what Venusian Astrology is. Venus (Roman) or Aphrodite (Greek), in myth, refuses to be pigeon holed by anyone! And so do you. Venus does not have to do anything to be valuable. Neither do you. She just is valuable. And so are you. This is the lesson that Venusian Astrology teaches that can be the hardest for any of us to accept. Our value is not inherent in what we achieve, but is expressed in what we achieve. We do not become truly rich through harming ourselves and others, but by loving ourselves and others we become rich. We cannot love ourselves if we don’t love others and we cannot love others if we do not love ourselves. Each of us is unique. If we follow the drum of others we cannot achieve success, money, beauty, or any other desires until we seek them from our unique Self. We die unfulfilled when we do not Love and Value ourselves. If we follow our own unique value then we contribute and we live well, and we die well, in Love.   Venusian Astrology is comprised of all the Astrological data we have. The difference between Venusian Astrology and most (but not all) main stream Astrology, is in the application. Venus is not an outer planet, it is a personal planet, in astrological discourse. This makes it accessible. Venusian Astrology is not limited to the mythical but utilises any and all schools of helpful methodologies within its processes. We are all different. We all have Venus in our charts.

Healing may be as simple as identifying active aspects currently at play in our lives today, stirring up conflict, or agitation. Everything in our lives can be elucidated, or exposed, in our charts. We can do this through verbally stating the problem or we can do this ourselves through learning how to understand our Venusian Astrology charts so that we can intuit our own movement through our self created value structure. In some instances we don’t need to name the problem to solve the problem. But we can if we need to.

Cognition plays a massive role in our lives when it comes to our choice of either believing lies to maintain balance, or seeking out how we truly feel, which may be at odds with our families or our communities. The common lie we believe is the lie that says: I am only one person. I can’t change anything. This lie is only ever uttered by someone who does not value themselves. Venusian Astrology deals with this belief and makes it disappear. If that isn’t healing I don’t know what is! Whenever we say this we give our power away and we devalue ourselves. We not only harm ourselves. We harm everyone else as well. Nearly everything that ever evolved in history was brought about by one person first using their voice and being honest with themselves.

Cognitive dissonance is dealt with in Venusian Astrology healing. Within this subject it is understood that cognitive dissonance is very real and requires recognition. Many people are afraid of so many things they physically cannot hear them, or they must forget them if they hear them, or they must argue against them for fear of cognitive dissonance, which can make them feel that their current belief structure is under threat. Anthony Robbins, NLP (Neuro Linguistic practitioner), tells his audiences during his seminars to embrace confusion, because every time you learn something new you experience confusion. Confusion is a stage in cognitive dissonance. If change is to occur you need to push through your confused state, entertain what you are first afraid of because your neural connections seem to disagree with what you are hearing, seeing, experiencing. Luckily, Venusian Astrology is wholistic, so you are never just about one area of your life, and there is always another area of your life going exceedingly well that can support your efforts in this area. Also, there are connections with everything so that something uncomfortable, or conflicting, is actually viewed in your Venusian Astrology chart and often there are other energies at play that allow you to work with your conflict without breaking down your whole organism, which is what it can seem like when you focus only on one area at a time. In this regard Venusian Astrology has something to offer that perhaps no other healing system has – the bigger picture that can safeguard you through your cognitive dissonance gateway to change and self realisation, and finally self Love.

Are you ready to heal?

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