About Chakra-Spinach Community Forum



It isn't always easy to be strictly cogent if we haven't studied for a while or we haven't learnt logic. Don't worry. This forum isn't just for wordsmiths. Your feelings count and sometimes it isn't easy to put these into words that come out the way you are feeling. All of us feel like this some time. This community will support and encourage each other. Any comments that do not, will be deleted, or never show up.

SAFE SPACE: We request that all of you who seek to share something here be respected and valued. The best way to do this is to make sure that whatever topic you discuss, you discuss it with 'cogency'. What is cogency? Cogency is when you talk about the topic in a logical rational fashion so that everyone has some way of continuing the discussion and adding to it. For example, if you want to comment on Venusian Astrology then pick up on the point(s) you want to discuss and add your comments. This allows others to join your voice and start a conversation. Many chats today (and parliaments) end up suffering from Ad hominum. We've all witnessed this. One side says something of merit that they want to engage in. But the other side simply says something about the person who started the discussion, rather than speak about the subject itself. They call this playing politics but actually it is just unproductive and disrespectful to all of us. Personal insults, or 'playing politics' won't find a home on this 'cogent' forum.

CAN WE PUT PICTURES UP? Yes, as long as they say something that can be commented on to continue discussions.


CAN WE REQUEST SERVICES IN OUR AREA THROUGH THE FORUM? Yes. Often after reading one of our books or attending a seminar you may want another seminar to be held in your area. Or maybe you prefer a webinar. Discuss this on this forum and let us know where you are at with your own journey, if you would like to share this.